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PaperWorkers Local

Sunday, July 31, 2016

John Demotte: A NEW REAL

A NEW REAL - recent work by John DeMotte

Opening Reception - Friday August 17th 5:30 - 7:30pm
Exhibition runs August 19th - October 7th

This exhibit consists of pieces selected from different series on which I am working. At first they may not seem to all relate, but all the work is about creating different possibilities and realities by the selections and relationships of what is seen and the processes used to see and convey them.

Photography is my primary tool for capturing the source or what is seen. The very act of capturing an image in a camera is the first step in abstracting the source and creating that new reality or the new object to be seen. Processes such as cyanotype and Solar Plate photo etching open up more avenues to use the photo image in creating a new real.

Recently I have started to explore direct relief printing of found natural objects. Recording the surface of an object directly on paper creates an abstracted image with different visual possibilities and realities than seeing or even photographing the object.

A Birmingham artist, John’s studio is at PaperWorkers Local where he is a founding board member and leads workshops in Solar Plate photo etching and Cyanotypes. His work makes use of photography and processes in print and drawing that extend the possibilities of the photographic image.

John is also VP/master framer at The Atchison Gallery/Village Framers as well as a freelance preparator and installation specialist.

John’s work will be included this fall in the following upcoming exhibitions: Organized Labor-work by members of PWL @ University of Montevallo Bloch Hall, Together Again: University of Montevallo Studio Faculty and Alumni Show @ Birmingham Public Library, and Solarplate 2016 @ Alex Ferrone Gallery in Cutchogue, NY.
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