PaperWorkers Local

PaperWorkers Local

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sarah Wiseman at PaperWorkers Local

Please join us for an exhibition of Sarah Wiseman's work during Forest Park's Third Friday.

8/16/2013 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

3815 Clairmont Avenue
Forest Park, Birmingham, Al 35205

"Focusing on how one creates visual thoughts, I examine the intersection that occurs between the objects and spaces we have encountered. The inherent fragmentation of our thoughts is intriguing because it is not always consciously understandable. I want to capture the spaces in-between a moment that feels real and a moment when those emotions have dissipated. I am attempting to create an archetypal image out of objects that resonate with me personally such as internal structure of a building and a net form. I use these objects as a trigger to explore my own relationship to people, places, and things. The transformation of the intangible thought into a concrete material such as a thread line or mark made on the surface is the result of my investigation."
Sarah Wiseman - Artist's statement.

Sarah has earned a BFA at Central Michigan University and an MFA at the University of Alabama.  She has an extensive national exhibition record and is currently Head of the Art Department and Upper School Art Faculty at the Louise McGehee School in New Orleans, LA.  Sarah has lectured, lead workshops and instructed courses at many locations throughout North America.  And Sarah has done a wonderful job leading the first workshop series at PaperWorkers Local.

You can see more samples of her work at

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