PaperWorkers Local

PaperWorkers Local

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mission Statement

At the moment we are a fledgling organization. It looks a lot like we're a printmaker's co-op as there has been a lot of emphasis on building our organization around a print shop.  We are an organization relevant to art of all types in Central Alabama and particularly art made on and of paper.  This includes but is not limited to drawing, printmaking, collage, photography, book arts, literature and paper sculpture.

Mission Statement:

The mission of PaperWork is to enable and nurture the making, exhibition, and appreciation of original fine art prints and works of art on paper.

PaperWork is a resource dedicated to enriching the Birmingham Arts Community through exhibitions, workshops and classes and by providing affordable studio space, access to process-oriented equipment, and professional development opportunities for artist renters.

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