PaperWorkers Local

PaperWorkers Local
PaperWorkers Local is open to the public every Wednesday Night for Studio Night from 5:30 to 7:30. We present a new exhibition of artwork by local and national artists every Third Friday in Forest Park with a reception from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 2717 Seventh Avenue South, 35233.

Memberships and Donations

All charitable donations made to PaperWorkers Local are tax-deductible! 

There are a couple of methods for making donations. 

Simply click on the Donate button below and choose the amount you would like to contribute. 

Or if you've got equipment you would like to contribute please send us an email. We thank you very much in advance for your contribution.

Make PaperWorkers Local your non-profit of choice when you shop at Amazon Smile. 
A percentage of every purchase will go directly to support our efforts every time you shop via


At the moment we are a fledgling organization. As such we are looking for charter members and patrons who can help make the co-op work. For now, if you can offer any help we are very grateful. Please feel free to send us an email to

Members who don't want to set up a recurring monthly payment can use the donation button above.

Basic Membership: $50 per month. These members have access to the shop any time it is open.   

- Shop access any time it is open - except during workshops.
- Opportunities to represent the Co-op via portfolio exchanges and the collector's club.
- Opportunities to have work included in the annual members exhibition.
- May curate exhibitions, portfolio exchanges and special projects.
- Sell work in the shop racks (20% commission).
- Initiate classes and workshops and receive 70% of the proceeds.
- Have a voice in the running of the shop at the monthly meeting.
- Use of a flat file drawer for storing your materials.
- 10% off classes and workshops.

Supporting Member:  $75 per month.  

Most of our members are young emerging artists and we do our best to keep the cost of membership low for them. We ask members who can afford to pay more to do so voluntarily in order to help patronize the co-op.

Shop Access Prerequisites:
In addition to paying the associated fees, anyone who wants to access and work in the shop must complete a shop tour and safety briefing and do one of the following:
- Take a workshop with us. Afterward you'll be able to access the equipment used in the workshop.
- Furnish samples of you work and a reference from a keyholder or a recognized instructor stating which media you are competent in and that you have demonstrated proper shop etiquette in the past. This can be emailed to

Guests and family of members are welcome to visit but are required to become members if they want to use the shop.

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